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What You Must Consider When Choosing the Right Foot Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have always been considered a selective art. This is mainly because not everyone can withstand the process of getting one. However, today it is becoming more and more accepted. Nowadays, you can even get them being done on your feet. In fact, foot tattoos are rapidly becoming very popular even in women. The number of beautiful designs for the feet are also increasing. However, it still is something to be cautious about. The process of getting foot tattoos is still mostly similar to getting ordinary tattoos. Pain and other factors are greatly affected by the t design you want to get. To give you an idea, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the best designs for your feet.

Greater pain

Depending on where it is placed, the process of getting a tattoo can either be moderately or extremely painful. Let's face it, there will be pain. In fact, the general rule in tattooing is: the closer it is to the bone, the more painful the region will become. This is exactly the case with foot tattoo designs. So for those planning to get one, avoid the designs that reach the toes because they will hurt a lot.

Greater Chance of Ink Migration

Ink migration is common in all tattoos. However, there is a greater incidence of ink migration with tattoos on your feet. This simply means that you have to be prepared to go back and have your foot tattoo re-inked if needed. If you are choosing between several foot tattoo designs, choose something that will not easily be ruined by ink migration, or something that would be cheaper to re-ink than other designs.

Healing Issues

New tattoos are generally not allowed to rub against clothing for the simple reason that it prevents the wound from healing faster. Usually it takes only around two to three weeks for an ordinary tattoo wound to recover if it does not get rubbed. However, this is not the case for tattoos on your feet. Basically, depending on the placement of the design, this may mean that you can't wear shoes or socks for the whole duration that your healing.

Also, the proximity of foot tattoos to the ground make these tattoos prone to infection, which is why people are advised to keep their feet clean and moist most of the time.

Easier to Hide

There are also advantages to getting tattoos on your feet. One of which is that they are easier to hide. Compared to ordinary tattoos, which can easily be inspected, most designs on your feet are kept well-hidden simply by wearing shoes. Because only a few people have the courage to get tattoos on their feet, even fewer people would even think about inspecting the feet.

Unique and Striking

Since there are only a few people who have what it takes to actually get tattoos on their feet, these tattoos look unique and very striking. For one, your feet provides a good flat area for showing off the tattoo. Second, foot tattoos are rather uncommon and therefore, give off an exotic impression.

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