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Tattoo Positions

The style and design of your choice of tattoo remain of most importance. However a key factor to consider when planning your new, or even first piece of art must be its position on your body.

This is an intensely personal choice, and must not hindered by outside influences such as partners and family members. The position of your new tattoo may have a bearing on a future career and also on where you can place future tattoos, should you choose to have more.

So it's an important part of the planning process.

Below is a list of potential tattoo positions. With some of their plus and minus points.

1. Biceps.

A great place to start. I find this location to be the easiest to deal with the inevitable pain involved in the tattoo, possibly due to the amount of flesh under the skin. Be aware that if you're planning any kind of sleeve in the future to decide now on the tattoo style. Two or more different styles on the sleeve might not work as well as one continuous one.

2. Forearms.

Similar to the bicep area. Easy area for the tattoo artist to work on. Not as painful as some other areas. The key here is that in the summer weather your tattoo WILL BE VISIBLE. You need to be comfortable with that. Also bear in mind the point about the full sleeve mentioned at number 1.

3. Legs (upper and Lower).

Won't be as frequently visible as the arms (unless you're a nudist) except when you're wearing shorts. The upper leg is fleshy so the pain is similar to that of the bicep. The lower you go the less flesh there is (on most people) and it will smart more.

4. Back (upper and lower).

Consider how big your tattoo is going to be. If the design requires size in order for it to work then think about a full back piece. This will work a lot better than lots of individual tattoos all over your back (which look stupid and ill thought out in my opinion).

If it's a smaller design then consider the left or right shoulder-blade for placement. This is an ideal location and is very popular. There's less flesh in this area so it will probably hurt more. Putting a small design right in the middle of your back will look silly as the body area is too big for it. Either go upper or lower. A popular position these days is along the lower back. Most tribal and script designs are well suited to this position. In my opinion this is a more sensitive area and will hurt more. Anything around the spinal area will definitely hurt more. But everybody's different. Obviously unless the sun is out not many people are going to see these tattoos. This may be a positive aspect if you're looking to keep the tattoo more intimate.

5. Chest/Stomach.
Similar really to the back area in that if the design is big it can cover the whole area. Smaller designs should be positioned on the left or right pec/breast. The tattoo artist can go around your nipples and they should not compromise the design. I find the stomach to be a very sensitive area pain wise, more so that the chest. But like I said everybody's different.

6. Head/face.

Unless you're a truly hardcore tattoo fan I'd stay away from these areas. They are the parts of your body that are always exposed to weather so they are likely to deteriorate/age a lot quicker. They are very "in your face" (no pun intended). You will get stared at a lot in public. They will hurt a lot due to the lack of flesh.

7. Hands/wrists.

Not as "in your face" as the head but they will still get noticed. The areas are lacking in flesh so will hurt more than other locations. Hand tattoos are more popular these days, especially with the ladies. There are many designs that suit the hands well and tend to be more intricate, smaller designs. The hand could also be incorporated into an arm sleeve design so think about your long-term tattoo plans before covering this area.

8. Ankles/feet.

Another set of areas that could be incorporated in a leg sleeve so again think about your long-term plans. These are easily hidden and can remain somewhat intimate.

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