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Ankle Tattoos - Best Ankle Tattoos For Women

No question about it, ankle tattoos can make a woman's leg look extremely sexy. It's also a great way for self expression in an area that can easily be covered up if desired. But what are the best tattoos for a woman's ankle? Here are some great options to consider:

1. Vine tattoos.

Vine tattoos can look great on a leg. They wrap around the leg nicely and are usually a bright eye catching green. These can be very unique designs to consider for the ankle. There are a lot of options as well with vine tattoos. You can add different colored flowers to your vines which will really make your design pop out.

2. Butterfly tattoos.

Sexy! Butterflies are very feminine tattoo designs. You have a lot of options size wise as well as color wise. Consider adding different colors to your butterfly design to really make it pretty.

3. Flower tattoos.

Flowers make wonderful ankle tattoos. You can choose one single flower, or a grouping of flowers. I've even seen flower tattoos which wrap all the way around the ankle. Very cute.

One common thread among the above ankle tattoos is color. Vines, butterflies, and flowers can all have bright, rich coloring added to them. All you need to do is find your favorite tattoo of the above and your tattoo artist can suggest the best coloring for you.

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